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colors log post

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♥: received pure01, drill01, & celebration09 from anniversary event 09
♥: received celebration20, fantasia15, erokappa03, eroge15, social12, rtraps15, leap12, happyend07, soujutsu17, & razril16 from anniversary event 20
♥: traded usagimimi18 for magic03 with [personal profile] eclair (012)
♥: traded quick01 for tiger07 with [personal profile] grandmaestro (011)
♥: traded kirakira02 & zeus02 for anaru02/03 with [personal profile] mori (010)
♥: traded starter15 for bubbles01 with [personal profile] miyoungie (08)
♥: traded hod05 & blacklion03 for bubbles02 & menace16 with [personal profile] commandant (07)
♥: traded feral03 for smitten17 with [personal profile] unlocks (05)
♥: traded mops08 for bubbles16 with [personal profile] tempestuously (04)
♥: received kneel11, mop08, & celebration 18 from the anniversary 18 event.
♥: received inherit05 & shannaro03 as gifts from [personal profile] shinsengumi.
♥: traded beer09 for mute13 with [personal profile] shinsengumi (03)
♥: traded villains09 for magic18 with [personal profile] eclair (02)
♥: traded ducttape19 for beer09 with [personal profile] tempestuously (01)
♥: joined colors and received villains09, maester14, laconic08, illegal03, ducttape19, cherryboy05, tiger08, & tiger12 as starter pack.